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Too dependent on natural resources and at risk to boom/bust economic shocks, Canada urgently needs investment in a new economy, one fueled by creativity (Altass & Wiebe, 2017). While creative innovation can be observed in a variety of educational settings that include in and out of classroom learning spaces, where creative pedagogues contribute to innovation through blogs, YouTube channels, art installations, and so on, these contributions would appear to be the exception. But, why? 

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Vol 54, No 1 (2019)

Table of Contents

Editorial / Éditorial

Volume 54 Number 1: Editorial / Éditorial
McGill Journal of Education (MJE)


Bruce Maxwell
Adriana Morales-Perlaza, Maurice Tardif
Leyton Schnellert, Donna Kozak
Mélissa Bissonnette, Pierre Toussaint, Cynthia Martiny, Gabriel Fortier, Fernand Ouellet
Stéphane Bénit, Philippe Sarremejane
Nancy Granger, Philippe Tremblay
Grace A. Gomashie

Book Reviews

Philippa Parks
Gurpreet Sahmbi
Haoming Tang


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