On in-ness: What Cégep teaching keeps teaching me


  • Magdalena Olszanowski Concordia University


pandemic, cegep, pedagogy, inclusive classroom, online teaching


A first-person essay on the ways that Cégep teaching is different from teaching at a university. The reflection explores how belonging — an "in-ness" — is enacted within a creative arts department by focusing on various experiences from being hired to navigating teaching online during the pandemic. By doing so, the author recognizes how they come to understand and promulgate belonging in the classroom.

Author Biography

Magdalena Olszanowski, Concordia University

is an award-winning writer, artist, and educator. She received her PhD in Communication Studies from Concordia University where she is now part-time faculty. She started her Cégep career at John Abbott College, and has also taught at Dawson College. She has written for publications such as esse, CBC, Feminist Media Studies, Visual Communication Quarterly, n+1, and nomorepotlucks. Her feminist new media work has been featured internationally at SXSW and ISEA among others. She was CBC’s Featured Columnist for 2022. Currently, she is focused on contemporary art’s responses to the climate crisis. She was born in Warsaw, Poland and now lives in Montreal, Canada. magdalena.olszanowski@concordia.ca


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