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It appears to be a rather ordinary class, this sixth grade. The children are gathered around a student teacher; most be on the floor. They are discussing yesterday's field trip. Suddenly, strange grunts are heard coming from a child in a wheelchair. She is making thrashing movements with the upper part of her body. She has something to add to the discussion. The boy sitting closest to her opens a looseleaf binder.(1) She points to specifie words as her assistant reads them out one by one. The student teacher repeats the girl's sentence as a more cohesive whole; the discussion continues.

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Judith Slaughter, McGill University

Judith S1aughter teaches graduate and undergraduate students of reading and the language arts in elementary curriculum and early childhood education. She also teaches effective writing. She is a graduate of Duke University. (Associate Professor in the Department of Early Childhood and Elementary Education). Judith Slaughter enseigne aux étudiants de premier cycle et de cycles supérieurs à la lecture et les arts linguistiques au programme d'études primaires et d'education pré-scolaire. Elle enseigne également la rédaction. Elle est diplômée de Duke University. (Professeur agrégé au départemente d'éducation pré-scolaire et d'enseignement primaire.)




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