• Pierluigi Vagliani Youth Division of UNESCO (Paris)


Quite some time ago, UNESCO's Youth Programme undertook a prospective study on Youth in the 1980s. Carried out by thinkers from such varied disciplines as history, philosophy, social science, and joumalism, it was remarkably prescient. By decade's end, the general prediction that structures that held young people back from self-expression would be challenged was given dramatic support. From the Berlin Wall to places further to the East it was the so-called "quiet" generation of young students and workers who were the leaders in this unexpected - and unfmished - "spring time of peoples."

Author Biography

Pierluigi Vagliani, Youth Division of UNESCO (Paris)

Pierluigi Vagliani participated in efforts to create newly conceived youth organizations in Italy after the Second World War, based on voluntary work especially directed towards Southern ltaly, the undeveloped part of the country. He was national secretary of "International Civil Service" from 1950 to 1955, then worked for several years as director of the "National Union for the Struggle Against Illiteracy" and organized pilot adult education centres in Calabria, Sicily, and Sardinia. Mr. Vagliani joined UNESCO in 1962, first in Africa as a literacy expert, then at Headquarters in Paris, to participate in the launching of the World Literacy Programme. In 1968, he reorganized and gave new focus to the UNESCO Youth Programme. He is now Director of the Division of Youth and Sports Activities. Mr. Vagliani was born in Rome, and he holds a university degree in Pedagogy. Pierluigi Vagliani a participé à la création de nouvelles organisations de jeunesse en Italie après la seconde guerre mondiale, travail de bénévolat s'adressant particulièrement aux régions sous-développées du pays, au sud de l'Italie. Il a occupé le poste de secrétaire national du "Service civil international" de 1950 à 1955. Ensuite, pendant plusieurs années, il était directeur du "Syndicat national pour la lutte contre l'analphabétisme", mettant sur pied des centres-pilote d'éducation permanente en Calabrie, Sicile et Sardaigne. Monsieur Vagliani s'est joint à l'UNESCO en 1962, d'abord en Afrique comme expert en alphabétisation, puis au bureau-chef à Paris pour participer au lancement du Programme mondial d'alphabétisation. En 1968, il a réorganisé et donné un nouveau centre d'intérêt au Programme de la jeunesse de l'UNESCO. Il occupe actuellement le post de directeur de la division de la jeunesse et des activités sportives. Monsieur Vagliani est né à Rome et détient un diplôme universitaire en pédagogie.




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