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Paddy Webb

Paddy Webb comes from Essex, England. She retired from McGill University, Faculty of Education, in 1987. Publications include individual poems that have appeared in numerous literary magazines and periodicals; two books of poetry, Between Two Fires, (Delta Canada, 1971), and Children & Milkweed, (Priapus Press, England, 1978); a novel, Rough Passage, (Quadrant Editions, 1985). A new book of poetry (Women Listening) and a second novel (On The Margins) are awaiting publication. Paddy Webb est originaire d'Essex, Angleterre. Elle pris sa retraite de la Faculté des sciences d'éducation de l'université McGill en 1987. Ses publications comprennent des poèmes individuels qui furent publiés dans de nombreuses revues littéraires, et journaux; deux livres de poésies, Between Two Fires (Delta Canada, 1971), et Children & Milkweed (Priapus Press, England, 1978); un roman Rough Passage (Quadrant Editions, 1985). Un nouveau livre de poésies (Women Listening) et un second romain (On The Margins) sont dans l'attent de publication.




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