C. Hawkins


Shortly after the Committee of Rectors of the Universities of Quebec was formed, it established a Committee of Deans of the Faculties of Education (le Comité de Coordination de l'Enseignement Pédagogique). On June 9, 1965 the Committee of Deans called for the formation of a Quebec association of professors of education. Consequently, on July 2, 1965 ten members of departments and faculties of education in Quebec met to consider the matter. After three meetings they established a Committee for a Founding Congress, composed of Messrs. G. Dussault (Laval), A. LeSieur (Montreal), M. Margot (Sherbrooke) and G. McKay (McGill). This committee drafted a provisional constitution to be presented at the founding congress. Members of the faculties and departments were summoned to the founding congress in the Institut Familial Sainte-Marie, Drummondville, on Saturday October 30, 1965.

Then the fun began.

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