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Webb, Andrea S, University of British Columbia
Webb, Paddy, McGill University
Webb, Paddy, McGil University
Webb-Hearsey, Paddy, McGill University
Webber, Geoff, University of Saskatchewan
Webber, M. E., McGill University
Weber, Ken, University of Toronto
Weber, Rose-Marie, McGill University
Weenie, Angelina, First Nations University of Canada
Weeren, Donald, Saint Mary's University
Wei, Yifeng, Sun Life Financial Chair in Adolescent Mental Health, IWK Health Centre and Dalhousie University
Weinrub-Lusthaus, Evelyn, McGill University
Weisseno, Georg, Karlsruhe University of Education
Weisz, Frederick, Montreal Children's Hospital
Welch, Cecil W., McGill University
Wells, Richard, SUNY/Empire State College
Welton, Michael R., Dalhousie University
Wensley, R., McGill University
Wensley, R. J., McGill University
Wensley, Roland, McGill University
Wensley, Roland J., McGill University
Wentworth, Annette , University of Alberta
Werner, Walter, University of British Columbia
Weston, Cynthia, McGill University
Westrom, Marvin, University of British Columbia
Wheeler, Alan E., Brock University
White, Boyd, McGill University
White, Joan, McGill University
White, Reviewed by: Boyd
Whitley, Jessica
Whitley, Jessica, University of Ottawa
Whitley, Jessica L., Lakehead University
Whitmore, Elizabeth, Dalhousie University
Whitson, S. Mont, Morehead State University (Ky)
Whitwell, Richard, McGill University
Widdop, James H., McGill University
Wiebe, Lenora M., University of Saskatchewan
Wiebe, Sean, University of Prince Edward Island
Wiener, Michael, Laurier Teachers Union, Quebec
Wiesel, Elie, Boston University
Wildy, Helen, University of Western Australia
Wiles, Jason R., McGill University
Wilkinson, Robert, McGill University
Wilkinson, Robert E., McGill University
Williams, Eugene, University of Massachusetts
Williams, T.R., Queen's University
Willinsky, John, University of Calgary
Wilman, David, McGill University
Wils, Kaat, University of Leuven
Wilson, Herbert B., University of Arizona

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