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Smith, David C., McGill University ()
Smith, Donna Lee, McGill University ()
Smith, Donna-Lee, McGill University ()
Smith, Douglas, University of Saskatchewan ()
Smith, Douglas James, University of Saskatchewan ()
Smith, J. David, University of Ottawa
Smith, Jonathan, Université de Montréal (Canada)
Smith, Lara, Queen's University ()
Smith, Philip L., Ohio State University ()
Smith, R. Selby, College of Advanced Education ()
Smith, Ralph A., Univerity of Illinois ()
Smith, William J., McGill University ()
Smitheram, Verner, University of Prince Edward Island ()
Smithman, Harold H., Lakeshore School Board, Montreal ()
Snyder, Karolyn J., University of South Florida, Tampa ()
Soep, Elisabeth, Youth Radio, Oakland, CA (United States)
Sokal, Laura, University of Winnipeg (Canada)
Sokal, Laura, Université de Winnipeg (Canada)
Sokolyk, Dorothy, McGill University ()
Sorhaindo, Annik M., University of London ()
Sornberger, Michael J.
Southworth, J. Alfred
Spallanzani, Carlo, Université Laval ()
Sparkes, Carolyn Sturge, McGill University ()
Spencer, Cathryn, Peel Board of Education, Ontario ()
Speyer, Elizabeth C., McGill University ()
Spicanovic, Vladimir, University of Windsor ()
Spicanovic, Vladimir, McGill University ()
Spilka, Irène V., Université de Montréal ()
Springer, Stephen, Mackay Center for Deaf and Crippled Children, Montreal ()
St-Amand, Jérôme, Université du Québec en Outaouais (Canada)
St-Amand, Jerome, University of Alberta (Canada)
St-Pierre, Joannie, Université d’Ottawa (Canada)
St-Pierre, Joannie, Université d'Ottawa (Canada)
St.Vincent, Lise-Anne, UQTR (Canada)
Staab, Fred
Stack, Michelle, University of British Columbia (Canada)
Stafford, Pete, CPWR - The Center for Construction Research and Training (United States)
Stagg Peterson, Shelley, University of Toronto (Canada)
Stagg Peterson, Shelley, OISE/University of Toronto (Canada)
Stairs, Arlene Holland, Queen's University ()
Stairs, Arlene Holland
Stalikas, Anastassios, McGill University ()
Stamm, Carol, Concordia University ()
Stamp, Robert E., University of Western Ontario ()
Stamp, Robert M., University of Calgary ()
Stanton, Lauren, University of Calgary (Canada)
Starr, Lisa, McGill University
Steeves, Larry, University of Regina (Canada)
Steeves, Lori, McGill University ()

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