Call for Submissions, MJE Forum


Who am I, Really? Reflections on Developing Professional Identity as a Cégep Teacher

Extended deadline for submissions: January 15, 2022

Maggie McDonnell (Concordia University) and Teresa Strong-Wilson (McGill University) invite submissions for a MJE Forum on being a teacher in the Cégep system. One purpose of the MJE Forum is to generate conversation about a topic important in education. New Cégep teachers often find themselves walking through the door of their first classroom only to be hit by panic – do we know how to be Cégep teachers? We are often hired based on our discipline-specific background, however come to the job with little or no pedagogical training. How do we learn to teach? How do we become Cégep teachers? And how does Cégep teaching ‘become’ us? In “Who am I, Really? Reflections on Developing Professional Identity as a Cégep Teacher”, Maggie McDonnell explores four questions she believes are useful to understanding professional identity as a Cégep teacher:

  • Who am I now, and who would I like to be?
  • Who am I in this role?
  • Who am I in this context?
  • Who am I in this community?

We invite you to read Maggie McDonnell’s Forum piece (see Advance Online Publication at, and submit a response to her piece and/or one or more of the questions posed above related to what it means to be a Cégep teacher. Submissions are welcome in English or in French.

The MJE Forum encourages a variety of formats: conventional text, blog posting, video, short podcast, autobiographical narrative, poem, song, image (that you yourself took or created; copyright guidelines apply to all submissions, which must be original). Written responses should be no longer than 750 words; contact the journal to inquire about quality for video/image. Submit to the Journal website, identifying your submission as for the MJE Forum (Cegep teacher). Submissions will undergo editorial review. We will contact authors with decisions, accepting those that best fit the call. For more information on MJE submissions, please consult our guidelines: For more information on the call, please contact or