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Wallin, Dawn C., University of Manitoba (Canada)
Wallot, Jacques Albert, Université du Québec à Montréal ()
Walsh, Kevin K., Morristown Memorial Hospital (New Jersey) ()
Wang, Ping, Utahloy International School - Zeng Chen (China)
Wang, Shujiao, McGill University
Ward, Angela, University of Saskatchewan ()
Warnock, John, University of Wycming ()
Warren, Wendy, Queen's University ()
Watling, James, McGill University ()
Watson, Kaitlyn, Western University (Canada)
Waxman, Tina Goodin, University of Ottawa ()
Webb, Andrea S, University of British Columbia (Canada)
Webb, Paddy
Webb, Paddy, McGill University ()
Webb, Paddy, McGil University ()
Webb-Hearsey, Paddy, McGill University ()
Webb-Hearsey, Paddy
Webber, Geoff, University of Saskatchewan (Canada)
Webber, M. E., McGill University ()
Weber, Ken, University of Toronto ()
Weber, Rose-Marie, McGill University ()
Weenie, Angelina, First Nations University of Canada ()
Weeren, Donald, Saint Mary's University ()
Wei, Yifeng, Sun Life Financial Chair in Adolescent Mental Health, IWK Health Centre and Dalhousie University (Canada)
Weinrub-Lusthaus, Evelyn, McGill University ()
Weisseno, Georg, Karlsruhe University of Education (Germany)
Weisz, Frederick, Montreal Children's Hospital ()
Welch, Cecil W., McGill University ()
Wells, Richard, SUNY/Empire State College (United States)
Welton, Michael R., Dalhousie University ()
Wensley, R., McGill University ()
Wensley, R. J., McGill University ()
Wensley, Roland J., McGill University ()
Wensley, Roland, McGill University ()
Wensley, Roland J., McGill University ()
Werner, Walter, University of British Columbia ()
Weston, Cynthia, McGill University ()
Westrom, Marvin, University of British Columbia ()
Wheeler, Alan E., Brock University ()
White, Boyd, McGill University ()
White, Joan, McGill University ()
White, Reviewed by: Boyd (Canada)
Whitley, Jessica L., Lakehead University (Canada)
Whitley, Jessica, University of Ottawa
Whitley, Jessica
Whitmore, Elizabeth, Dalhousie University ()
Whitson, S. Mont, Morehead State University (Ky) ()
Whitwell, Richard, McGill University ()
Widdop, James H., McGill University ()
Wiebe, Lenora M., University of Saskatchewan ()

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