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Shah, Anitha, Workers' College, Durban (South Africa)
Shahjahan, Riyad Ahmed, OISE/University of Toronto (Canada)
Share, Jeff, University of California Los Angeles (United States)
Shariff, Shaheen, Integrated Studies in Education, McGill University (Canada)
Shariff, Shaheen, Faculty of Education, McGill University (Canada)
Sheehan, Bernard S., University of Calgary ()
Sheets-Pyenson, Susan, Concordia University ()
Sheilds, Carolyn M., University of British Columbia ()
Shields, Carmen, Nipissing University (Canada)
Shields, James J., City College, New York ()
Shore, Bruce M., McGill University ()
Sibiya, Ntombi, formerly of Mpumalanga Department of Education ()
Silva, Edward, University of Toronto ()
Silver, Vivianne M., John Abbott College, Ste-Anne de Bellevue ()
Simard, Denis, Université Laval (Canada)
Simões Forte, Lilia, University of Ottawa
Simon, Marielle, University of Ottawa
Simon, Marielle, Université d'Ottawa ()
Simpson, Jeffrey, Globe and Mail ()
Sinacore-Guinn, Ada L., McGill University ()
Sinyai, Clayton, CPWR - The Center for Construction Research and Training
Sivell, John N.
Skinner, Andrew F., University of Toronto ()
Slack, Brian, Concordia University ()
Slater, Frances, London University ()
Slaughter, Judith Pollard, McGill University ()
Slaughter, Judith, McGill University ()
Sloane, Beverlie Conant, Dartmouth College ()
Sloane, David C., Dartmouth College ()
Sloman, Leon, McGill University ()
Smaller, Harry, York University ()
Smit, Patricia, University of the Western Cape ()
Smith, Ann, University of the Witwatersrand ()
Smith, Bryan, University of Ottawa (Canada)
Smith, David, McGill University ()
Smith, David C.
Smith, David C., McGill University ()
Smith, Donna Lee, McGill University ()
Smith, Donna-Lee, McGill University ()
Smith, Douglas, University of Saskatchewan ()
Smith, Douglas James, University of Saskatchewan ()
Smith, J. David, University of Ottawa
Smith, Jonathan, Université de Montréal (Canada)
Smith, Lara, Queen's University ()
Smith, Philip L., Ohio State University ()
Smith, R. Selby, College of Advanced Education ()
Smith, Ralph A., Univerity of Illinois ()
Smith, William J., McGill University ()
Smitheram, Verner, University of Prince Edward Island ()
Smithman, Harold H., Lakeshore School Board, Montreal ()

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